Three Roads With Single End

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Time of our life is framed in past, present and future. Past is experiences, present is chance and future is expectations. All three are different but dependent on each other. Our expectations always help us to find a chance. Experience never give chance but it learns how to pick a chance and convert our expectation into reality. Expectations are also changing according to experiences. All are nothing without each other.

Like the bricks of our house, the more better they sorted, life become more stronger. We have to collaborate these three cards of life for winning the game. Pointer of a clock is always moving on the decided path, nothing is new for it. But its movements are directly affect to the time. Its every tick tick is converting our present into past and future into present. This change is rapid but become visible when decades are over. Among all of these we are also moving like that pointer of a clock. We are moving on decided path only. We are not experiencing conversations. But our movements changes a lot. 

From our childhood to our teenage, we are changed but still all looks like same if we try to see ourselves with the eyes of mind. When we sight on the wall of past, that small baby is still looking and smiling at us. Ways looks like that we just came by walking on them. All things looks like they are happened just now. But it is our past. Past has always speciality that it is good or bad, it becomes memorable. It is ornaments which we want to secure for more and more time. Perhaps its collection makes us alive. Present is a bridge which connects past and future. Whatever we can do for a notable change in our life is done on this bridge only. Starting from past we are travelling for future and present is train which is moving us towards our goals and expectations.

Our journey is long. Stations comes and goes. Expectations still remains untouched. We can't reach to future what we want. Reason is only that train which we caught is wrong. Someone who caught right train but can't travel up to end. Someone haul the chain of his train and he stops moving. People who bravely cross that bridge of present, expectations become reality for them. Many are there who seats on the one end of past and throwing stones in river and blame their luck. Future is another end where people enjoy the riverbanks and shares their journey with each other. They are not blaming their luck, they converting their luck into good luck. Future is sun which is rising forever in our sky. It is a reason for which past is helping us and present is working with us. It gives us light to work.

Problem with us is only that we can't live present. It is always crushed between past and future. Someone is lost in the memory of past, someone is worried about future. That pointer of clock is changing the world everyday but can't change a person.  How better it is if a person is also changing with that tick tick of a clock !! He changes but consumes a lot of time for that. We are also not prepared to digest a rapid change of a person. It will be shock for us if it is possible. 

Try to accept the changes in people. Never think that is it good or bad for us. Think is it good for him or not. Try to make everyone's present memorable. Everyone is travelling in his train. Everyone is moving on that bridge of present. Help him to reach at his destination. Never haul chain of someone's train. Sea tide rises when wind helps them. We have to concentrate on present, by focusing on future and learning from past. We have to live present which can be converted into memorable past and useful for future. That tick tick is not only tick tick it is an question for you that, moments are changing are you?? Say yes to that clock and try to start changing you present, past and future. Have a life what you want !!

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