Beyond The Hopes

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Everyday is like a new chapter of our life. It may be pages long or as small as a line, but it contributes to our story. It adds something or the other to our collection. Time never waits for us to be ready. It keeps flowing. It's up to you whether you rise or fall with the flow. It's like a road, it doesn't decide whether or not you will reach your destination. It just helps you by being there, providing you a surface to move, a path to walk on. It's your mistake if you are not moving. You can't blame the road if you don't reach your destination as roads are never wrong, it's your selection of the road that is wrong. Not every day ends with the fulfilment of our desires. Few days are just for us to grow, while some give us moments to store. On the other hand, there are few days which give us the chance to fly. Only correctly selected days and roads give us a chance to reach our destinations.

We always want to fly like a butterfly and to smell the fragrances of different flowers of adventures. There are so many things we want to do, actions we want to perform for better experience. But the problem is that we don't find the flower on which we want to develop. Our journey pauses everyday with hopes and desires for a better tomorrow. We are covered with a lot of expectations-ours as well as that implied by others. They don't want us to leave our garden and move ahead which confine our dreams to be within the boundaries of their expectations. We grow more and more shorter in our choices. Our journey is not like an eagle, which is flies the skies freely fulfilling whatever it desires, it has rather become like the journey of a small ant which covers only a single room for fulfilling the needs of its family. There is an ocean of opportunities but our wishes seem like a small brook. A person always has the tendency to be original but conditions tend to force him to copy.

Life is really simple if you move as you are. Adorned by beauty, only nature can become superior. A person can't be happy by chasing beauty. The 'way of living' must be beautiful. Happiness is not a destination. It is the way of living life. It only comes when you grow your own plants. It is good to give water to other people's plants. But problems might be created when you pick the flowers from others' plants. Mentality of people is still like the dried leaves of trees, not sure until when will it stay connected with the tree. A small incident can be converted into big misunderstanding. So it's always better to pick flowers from your own tree. Make a habit to grow in a desert. Try to live without support. Nothing is with you forever. Supports may be temporary and only for development. Fences are removed when plant becomes a tree. Birds have to fly on their own.

""Once, there was a very rich person but he was not very fortunate. His wife and daughter passed away in a road accident. He was not ready to live alone and decided end his life in a forest. He was wandering in forests, finding the best option for suicide. He came across a well without water and thought of jumping into it. As he went for the jump, he listened a squealing of a little boy. He moved towards that voice. The boy had fallen on the ground and there was big throne in his leg. He was surprised seeing the boy alone in the forest. The rich person helped that boy and asked him the reason he was there. The little boy told him that he was living alone. His parents had died when he was small and someone left him in the forest to get all the property of his parents. He was frightened but suddenly he saw a few small rabbits playing in grass and started playing with them, his fear is slightly reduced. Then, he decided to live as time wanted him to live. He would drink water from lake, eat fruits from trees and thus, started a new life in the forest. The rich man was surprised that how did such a small boy managed to live in a forest alone...! He couldn't believe him and decided to live with him to make sure that he wasn't lying. After a day or two he was sure that this boy is all alone in forest. Surprised, he asked the boy "how can you live all alone in this forest?" to which the boy replied "I am not alone! I am with me! To live without support is real and original life. I realized it when I actually lived it myself. You don't live YOUR life, your life is crushed between expectations of your family and friends. If you can't live a single day without them, then how can you even say that you are living! You are only moving with their support. If they disappear you find new one. You are journeying without destinations. You walk as your mates want you to and finally reach at the very point where you started. Instead, walk with your own hopes and destinations and the path will be much more enjoyable and end, admirable." The answer changed shook that person's belief until its roots and he began a new life with that boy.""

Life is big and nothing can stop you from living it gracefully except you. Enjoy it till your very last moment, your very last breath!!

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  1. One sentence always Hass being proved that " jindagi na koi na PRABHAV ma koi na ABHAV ma jiviya....jindagi potana SVABBHV ma jiviya.....



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