The New Journey

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Days are converted into months and months into year. Finally the year ended and one more year starts its journey with the first ray of sun. With this ray, So many lives rises with the hope of change. We can experience that life become celebration during these days. Our breath, which is tired because of the situations, get a chance to sit, rest and grow. We all are living everyday but the feeling that we are alive, become more stronger in these days. Houses are draped everyday but The time to drape the relations comes now. The moments, which we want to store for lifetime can be these moments.

I can see that for the celebration of the festival of lights, person starts shining. we get a chance to meet the persons, who see the dreams for us, who make our dreams of them. Elders and teenagers are meet like that we can see them as the dry and green leaves on a single tree. It is not require to get the blessings, It comes automatically from the soil and wind of our native place. Festivals means not only celebration, It is a process of purification of the person.

The reason of our sadness is we are not understanding the person. We can make a fake smile on someone's face but few one can get a true smile because of us on their faces. Its easy to live a single day but not easy to live for someone's life. We are always seeing the things from our point of view only but sometime try to see the world form someone's sight. We can see that how and why we are becoming sad. We have to take care of us and for that we have to take care of others. Try to understand that there are so many lives behind a single life. Each life representing past and future of his mates. You can walk only few miles by being single but to go longer you have to take the faith and companionship of thousands of peoples. 

By being care taker you are not only leading the person but increasing the value of humanity which is trying to come upwards from a long period. It is sure that you will make a change in your life but if you are being a reason of anyone's change, nothing can be more precious for you compare to that. I hope that the reason for the celebration of festivals is also for give a time to the person for recovering the bonds, which can not being stronger for a long time because of the zigzags of life. If someone want to see his dreams from our eyes it will be pride moment for us. Sometimes it will give more happiness if we work for someone's happiness.

India is believe in the philosophy of the "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" but Indians are still believe that only my relatives are my family. New year is never come for the particular cast or people, It comes for the all. Our nature is also for all but a person can't be for all. He can be for a small group of people only. Try to be available for all. Your deeds will make you immortal, If it will for all. Everyone who is working for his family is limited for his family only. But the person who is working for all, He will never be limited. He will always expanding with his deeds.

Remember that the year becoming old and new, but you are always becoming old only. Your oldness gives you the gift of experience. By your experiences your thoughts can be new. I hope that during this year, you are not only become old, but become a new, by you thoughts and mentalities. As you are getting old, you are also becoming new. Try to improve your newness and work for the development of nation and country. Have a very energizing new year which will be ended with a number of markable new thoughts !!

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