My Panorama of India

Friday, August 15, 2014

It seems good to speak. The next generation of younger India!! Walking with the time, From their childhood to younger, Every Indian see the glance of India with their own sight. I am waiting for the days when by listing the word India, Every Indians heartbeat beats more faster and it provides belief to us that it beats for India. The realization that this India is my India is seen in very few people. A single thought that our prosperity is involved in India's prosperity is also comes in fewer people.

Here India has become modern. Youth become modern, but for the modernization of thoughts, Mind still waiting. For the people who are prosperous with their thoughts, India still waiting. India has evolved. It has changed..Its bases has become more stronger. But the mentality of its youths still has been produced instead of going in the direction of change. 

What an elegant history India had!! Youths every part is cheerful with the power of Faith. The desire to do something makes him live with thoughts in each and every second. But by seeing the situations of current time India still trying for being an independent India. We often blame the conditions but in real we are responsible for it.

The person who sales vegetables on the road can never be thinks about cheating with his customers but the so-called educated people caught in the scams and cheating. If India's educated class is not turned towards Justice and policies than India is incomplete till now. It become need that we know our powers and revel it.

we have the skillful persons but instead of serving India they serves in another countries. Now it becomes need that we create the conditions so that they serve the world from India. It is important that I have to do something for India that spirit comes in every Indians. By engraving the stones we written the messages of truth and non-violence. Only we are the persons who puts faith into nature. Our intentions are strongly build..It is only required that we move forward together..I can surely say that when the mentality of Indian youth will change India will surely show the new path to the world by being a Vishvguru.

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