Life Inside Friendship

Sunday, August 03, 2014

We can only think that we can live alone but in actual no one can do it. A person may be live alone for two or three days but after that he required a mate. He need a person who make a smile on his face. Even our nature is also made with mates. Earth is not alone, It has moon. The group of planets also supporting earth. See the sun. It has a support of hills and mountains to rise and set. Can we image the sunrise or sunset without hills??? Even in the sunset sky also changes its colours and prove that sun is not alone, Sky is with it. Sea is also half without seashore. when we see the wet sand on the seashore it looks like saying that I am with sea. Trees have leaves. Rivers have stones..Clouds have rain. Nothing is in the world which is alone.

According to time and place everything find its mate. We can find a peace by being alone but it has a noise in heart. A totally peace is there when we have a few seconds with our mates. Yes there will be a noise of world although there will a silence in our heart. Because we have our own who will never let us without smile. we have those who want to enjoy the life with us. 

Between persons birth to death so many relations are generated, developed and ended but there is a single one which grows with the time and it is the bond of friendship. It is only the way in which there is always joy and happiness. In every situation who handle us that's friend. As a small drop of colour mixed with water and we can't departing it, friend is involved with us and its not possible to remove him from our life. If we take a common moments of friend's life there is only fun. We want to make each other happy. 

World always gives us the conditions which are demotivating us but by getting together we fight with them. There is no one who can't see a dream of being successful. The person who put faith on us and motivate us to fulfil our dreams, He is friend. Friendship means not only live together. To live to help each other that's friendship. To live to handle each other that's friendship. To disturb faculties without reason that's friendship. Our every friend has something which is inside us and we have also many things which is inside our friends. 

We build with our own but the plan of our building is prepared by our friends. To meet, to learn, to know, to preserve, to annoy, to understand, to disturb, to walk together that's friendship. we celebrating our friendship on a specific day but in actual every day is like a friendship day when our friends are with us. Happy Friendship Day !!

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
                            -Anais Nin

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