Ride on life

Friday, June 27, 2014

The single sentence which stops person to fulfil his dream is "I will be wrong". The fear of being wrong always stops us to walk on the path of our imagination. The power to win is equally divided in everyone but the fear to loose stops the person to put a leg in a battle. It is like that because of the fear of the storm you are not seating in a cool wind...perhaps we are prisoners in our own prison...between the caves of past,our courage is burning like a wood..all this happens because we are not believing in our light..its right that we want to walk but we have a fear to fall..I think that every person has a height of his own..But some of them can reach at there..most of us are fight with the life to reach there..our every step is to prove our self..somewhere that steps are always in the search of destination of peace..That peace will make the echoes of presence..world changes, time changes, expectations changes, goal changes, thoughts changes but still the hope remains as it is..mind always makes the forts of dreams..it never stops..if a plane is burning and it is sure that death will arrive still a person is finding a life in name of god..that is a hope..we are accepting the life but not accepting the sudden change in it..But life is a simple journey between tear to smile..There is a beauty in every change of life if we ready to accept..But we need more and more with our life..we have a fear that I will not be noticed..what other people think on us is root of our failure..World never accept those people who are prepared only to show..Man is made by himself..Time make a person..The wings of experience build the person..All are same but the way of think makes a difference between Einstein and Vivekananda..Life is different with every one's point of view..everyone make his own world..Life is a game of thoughts..who understand, he try to make his world of dreams and be what he thinks..we also try but the fear of being wrong comes like a shadow and finally we give up..Life take a turn away from the dreams..Life does not mean that everything will happen as you want..Here we have to accept some accidental occasions which can surprise us..In reality these are created to build us..As a child fall he learn to walk if a man fall he learn how to live..our every step gives us something new..we have to make a way from it..The true value of life is calculated on this way..Life is filled with full of situations..Every situation has something which may occur change in us...But we have a fear of accept..we can not live smoothly.. The up and downs are always created.. We have a satisfaction of going upwards but no one has a courage to go down..when we can find a satisfaction of going down at that day no need required in life because you will be able to enjoy the ride of life fearlessly.. Though you will on a dirty rigid plane still your beauty still attracts the people like that flower!!! You have a power to create the environment as you want..Try to find it..

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