Beauty of Moments

Thursday, April 24, 2014

In our life so many things are comes and goes..But still faces remain as it is..we are always wondering in the searching of joy and finally life completed in searching..Every thing which comes in our life has some value..but we can't make it valuable..our success is also hidden in so many small things which are part of our life..But no one can find many flowers are eaten by the animals ..why??because they don't know what is beauty..In our life also sometimes we can't know the beauty of moments..the leaves of moments are easily crushed below our feet and we are not aware with it..But in actual the greenery of our tree of life is because of this leaves.. and if we can't take care of it than it will become dry..we don't know how important these leaves are..we all are walking on the path of time..road may be good or will be observed that how strongly you face the you connect the moments with your life..Generally people are interested to convert their wishes into situations..No one is ready to convert their situations into wishes..Every second makes our life but we cant live a second purely for our life..people are more interested to win other than live..with the birth of a person to death of person he is plying a game of life indirectly..In this game scores doesn't matter..Here important is your entertainment..Every moments comes with some new energy..But we are unable to achieve it..If you want to be different than you have to travel with the time.. conditions can break you but they can also make you..Once someone asked a boatman that how you define life?? There is a big smile on his face and says,"This is life..How I involved with my present that is life..This river starts his life from thousands years ago..Is there any crane which digs his path??  No..It starts with a fall and be a stream..To be a river it have to change with the time..It not only flow the water..It creates the conditions according to the time what it see..It makes a path with its own..Therefore it know where to turn and when to be straight..To flow and meet the sea is its wish..But it never flow to fulfill this flows as time shows and finally fulfill its wish . without worry about future flow with time is life..if you build yourself with the potential of moments than your flow surely meet to see..As all streams cant be a river, Everyone cant deal with time..Here persons are only concentrate on their destinations..They often choose a path but not create a path..Therefore they can't walk on that path still destination comes.." Few of us pay fees to listen these words and Those, whom we consider as a illiterate can easily speak this words..They feel these because they connected with nature..Here persons have not a time to do that.. That's why a boatman can define and achieve joy but the billionaires are still waiting for it..

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