Find it to Achieve

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Life is becoming more and more fast..We are going so speedily that we can't see any other one..Our relations with our society are decreasing continuously..There are so many peoples who are neglected by us everyday..Each and every person is showing us the real examples of life..By observing it we can learn a lessons of a happy life..Here life of any person may be show a path of success..but we are not seeing anyone's life.. our ego always stops us for doing that..Yes,we are seeing the persons..but their qualities and speciality is always makes us unhappy and we are simply trying to forget about his specialities.. Because to see the success of any other person is becoming more worst moments for us..In the time when we are trying to be successful and can't gain a single achievement..The specialities of other one are not us but they are like a source of light..with the help of that at least a small fire of speciality can starts to burn in us..But the basic requirement is that we have to find it from the people and come in the contact with it..we have to be always prepared to get from others..That is the best way to which makes you best..It is required for everyone that he is to keep growing..Even the nature also changing as the time changes..But the change in us is only comes when we see that what changes are required in us..And for that we have to put our ego in side and be ready to accept the truth that other one are better than us..By finding the reasons of their success we can also make a change in our life and achieve what we want..In some cases we really feel that the regular struggle with the hope of change makes a person best..There are so many examples in the history where the worst conditions are converted into the moments of success..All of that persons has a specialty that they learn with the world..It is not necessary that study is required for success but by study from the peoples we can make our path simple..Not only the people but the trees, birds, animals and mountains can also teach us the lessons of success but the sight is required which can see the hidden message of the nature which it want to give us..Once a great personality is invited to give a speech on his success.. that person says I am successful because I am a son of a fisherman..All are amazed that how a person get a success by a fishing??That person says when my father were going for fishing sometimes I also go with them..I see that there are so many fishes in the see..As my father give a food to them..All become greedy to eat it..because of their greed they fall in the hand of fisherman and loose their life..In the see of world we all are hungry fishes..we are hungry for success..It makes us greedy..we become happy to see a few fame like a fish and finally we are fall in the hand of god..If you really want success than never try to be greedy for it..It tends you against the success..I simply follow this message and today I am here..Just think that a boy of a fisherman can be successful because he always studying from what he seeing..If a small fish can change a way of thinking of a boy and make him great than we are the elders..There are so many things in this world whose hidden message is omitted by us..we have to find it..we have to understand it..It may be possible that a small message can change you.. Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don't..if you start to achieve it than no one can stop you because you have the knowledge of life which is achieved from those who are always fighting with it and finally wins..

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