Colours of Life

Monday, March 17, 2014

There are so many things which are present in the world but we can't find a reason to see it if it has no colour..Colours are the soul of the world..I think our life is also filled with full of colours..That colours are making the picture of our life..That colours are easily mixed with the time and the image of life is created..Our dreams are our colour..Our thoughts,imagination and faith are our colours..The proper combination of that colours with a perfect time makes our life special..There are so many colours but the beauty of our life is depends on how we use that colours..The problem with us is that we are not well painters who can mix the colour with time and make a unique image of a unique life..Every colour can make image but important is that how it filled in drawing..As some of painters can do that only few persons make a special drawing of life with colours..The world is a canvas on which so many lifes are painted..Our life is not fulfilled with colours..Some colours are missing..They are waiting to join our life..First one is a colour of unity..See the colours..Their unity gives them beauty..when two colours are mixed one new colour is created..and never departed from each other.. When two man are mixed they can't live together for lifetime..Colours are living better life compare to us..Colours have their own world in which only happy ness is staying..In our world the colours of sorrows are also staying..We have to convert that colours into the colours of happiness.. for that we have to mix our sorrows with the colour of faith that this bed moments are build me for the success..It is bed for me now but it will be good for my development..If we mix our problems with this kind of colours of faith than the colour of happy ness is also comes in our life..We have also a fear to take the risks..This colour makes our image ugly..It prohibit the success..we have to remove this colour from our life..Colours are the message which gives us the direction to make the change in us..Only a small change in colour make many pictures..A small change in a person change the life of person..We have to make a change in us..The sun has power but it has not a beauty because it has a single colour..Nature has not the power but it has so many colours which makes it special..In life only power of position is not important..If you have not a power but if you have the good combination of the colours than your beauty of life will be observed..Always follow a single speciality of colour.. It always mixed with water..We are not mixed with the people because of our ego..Just be ready to accept everyone.. Mix with anyone like a colour..You will be noticed.. Always open the mind and welcome all the conditions..Never look back..Just give a better fight to your conditions.. It will not seen that why you lose?? It will seen that how strongly you fight..Just put yourself in the ocean of the moments and swim in it like a colour.. Give a chance of your every colour to mix with the ocean of the time..It will give you the real experience if your presence in this world..Not only see the colour Sometimes try to be a colour and see how beautiful our life is..

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