Change by Realization

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Trees can not grow within a day..Rivers are not flowing suddenly..Even houses are also can't destroyed quickly..Everyone takes a time to change..May be there will be a joy to live with their actuality for sometime..Make a change in a person is also not instantly done..Everyone wants to change the persons according to their point of view but no one is ready to be changed according to other one..Because of this people stay as they are..Change in the nature of person is like a walk in snow.. If you walk rapidly the coolness of snow is not experienced by you..To feel the coolness you have to walk slowly..If change in a person done rapidly it will not experienced..For that you have to go slow..Sometimes the time occurs when you are also not ready to make a change in a nature of a person..Because if you go slow you are not only make a change in person..But you are also understanding that person..There is a chance that you will be changed like that person..And if a person changed by its own experiences world can't stop him..Change is not a process to see..Its a process to feel..If we give a chance everyone to make a world as they want..What will happens?? Not a single change can be done..Because we are not respect the best..For us it is not important that it is good or bad..Only it will be done because we want it..Everyone want to see what they want..Therefore no one can make a world as he want..But what if we are ready to accept everyone's best wish which is best for everyone.. The world of dreams can be created..But no one is ready for that..Because here our hopes and wishes are important than others..Therefore the change in so many things is done but the minds and mentality of persons are not changed..Once a person asked to his manager that what changes are required for being the best..His manager tell him that if you want to be the best than always give respect to that which is best..And no one can say that what changes can make a person best..Because it varies from person to person..The change in you can only done by you..Everyone can give advice for change but the change with that advice is stay for a small time of period.. The lifetime change in a person is done when he see and think about himself..when a person strongly realize the change by seeing himself that change will forever..And in our case also we are changing according to the time..But the change by realization is not achieved.. If it will done by self realization then that person is best..Sometimes to live without change is good for us..Because a person who his always changing is not faithful..And we have to deal with so many persons with our faithful image..Only a single change is enough to make a person best.. Don't find the mistakes of others every time..Sometime try to find your mistakes..It can change you..Never think that a sudden spark make a change in you..Find it form the moments which are prepared to help you..Because change not only process it is the way of your future..It is build by experiences and relations..It is always constructing by us..Just try that the change in you will be good for you and your special ones..
" Take responsibility for the things in your life that you can change."

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