See and find the Joy

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Our observation is limited within the happiness and enjoyments..we are not trying to see any without it..there are so many things which are available for the extreme experience of our presence.. but we are always omitting it from our sight.. we know how important it is for the achievement of the stages of reality..but we are not always trying to focus on it..our soul feels like stranger when it stands with us because it is not achieving what it want from us..we are not able to give the joy to our soul and that's why we are poor...we all are seeing the world but only few of us are absorbing the world with their eyes..we can absorb it but we don't..the reason is only that we all have our own world of dreams.. the world where each and every things are waiting to serve us..we are absorbing all from the world of dreams because it has all what we is our own creation..we can't absorb all in our actual life because there are so many things which we dislikes...we omitting all that things and focusing only on that what we like..but try to observe your dislikes..the things which are omitted from your sights have also a strong reason to stay there...never try to live like a dream..just use it as a reference.. because there is a very big valley between our imagination and reality..there is only happiness in our dreams so we absorb it but in real we have to deal with pain and sore...we are always want to remove it from our life...and so we are not feel safe to absorb it.. A person can be helpful as a guide if he has a sight to see the joy and sore equally..if you really want to achieve some special be ready to welcome the pain also..try to get joy from your sorrows and than you will be a special..these all joy and sorrows are just like a glasses..the joy is a colourful glass which attracts all...and the pain and sorrows are like a broken glasses...they were also a glasses but by mistake of a person their condition become bad..but if you have a knowledge of reality than you consider it as a glass and convert the broken pieces into the glass with some process.. in our life also the pain are created because of our mistakes...consider that pain as a joy and try to convert it into joy again.. if you achieve this art not a single moment make you present only our soul knows this fact and try to get the joy from everything but are never supporting it to get the enjoyment from the sorrows.. at that moment it feels like a stranger.. but if we also tries to convert the pain into opportunities than the work of our both surely give the result... you can easily guess what is that??? It's a life in which no one has a one has problems..because we know how to handle them and how to convert them into the joy and happiness..Just try do it with the help of your can do that..

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