Loyalty with your own

Friday, February 14, 2014

I see few birds today which are flying towards their nest..they have the freedom..they can fly anywhere where they want..but they never change their nests every day..they never changes their nature to be a loyal..if the birds can show this level of loyalty than they are better than the human beings..because the birds are loyal with their nest but we can't be a loyal with our own..we are always breaking a deal with our own which is to be a successful..we are talking about the birla and tata but never try to being like them and that's why we are killing our dreams with our own hands..the person can be in any conditions but he has to try for making him best..in our cases we put a belief on luck..we never try to change lines of our hand..their are so many wishes which comes during our life..but not a single one is live with us forever..they are changing as the day complete..if a single wish can live with us forever..it is sure that you can convert that wish into the reality..but it is not possible because we are not loyal to us..our life is stared with the single bit of our heart and it never leave our hand till our life ends...what if it stops it bit?? But our heart know what happens..it never try to change its loyalty..what if we not focus on a single wish?? our wishes are out from our life like a water going out through wiper on the mirror of our car of life..we are just see it..We know that if we not try to pick it we can't achieve what we want..Try to follow your heart.. The conditions never affect on it..it always beating.. but we never worrying abut our success..we are changing with the conditions and desired situation is not created by us..we create our own kingdom but problem is only that we are changing it regularly.. we are King of that kingdom..if a king not focus on its kingdom and change it than he is frightening and he never be a well ruler..we have to stay in our kingdom and be loyal to it..never change your wishes.. just attach a single wish with your self and be loyal to your own to fulfill that wish by trying to achieve it..your wish is not only imagination but it is your reality..Always try to achieve that reality.. You can make you best..

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