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Saturday, February 01, 2014

The few moments with your own have a power to make you a successful person..we are always living what is our outside but never trying to live with us..we take care of many person but never take care of our heart..we always trying to achieve things through which our name represent a story of zero to hero..but we never try to understand what our name wants to achieve..generally our aims and goals are decided by our parents..when we get proper understanding for deciding our goals than also we are not searching our path with our own..we  walk on the path which our parents shows us..it is the biggest reason of dissatisfaction in life..it is assure that we are doing best in our work and get the reward but the reward with our own is not achieved..we are not getting the joy for our soul from our work..the reason is only that we are not following us..we are not understanding our own needs and just trying to get joy..how it's possible??.. pass the few seconds with your own..discuss with you that what you achieve and what you loose..everyday for sometime put yourself at outer side and see your behavior as a another person.. it shows you that what changes are required in yourself..if you make a single change in yourself per day imagine yourself after a year..your so many defects are removed by you..remember one thing everyone are seeing the play of our life in which so many characters are coming and leaving us...they are always focusing on us..but they are only interested in our performance..if our performance is well than we are the best in our drama of life...if we are not good in our life's play than people are remember us during the drama time only..so it is dependent on us that how we improve our performance in the real life drama..just see yourself as a audience.. you are surely able to know that what is required for my development..don't follow any other one's instructions..only ask yourself and follow your thoughts..it will help you for being the memorable character in the drama of the life..because no one can take more care of you except you..only you know that what is inside you and what can be done by you..only you knows that what you want and that's why ask you that what is next and try to achieve each and every goal of your own..and achieve your lifetime goal which is to get the joy from each and every moments of our life and enjoy this wonderful world which god gives us to see the smiles on our faces.. "Ask you and Be you"

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