Fake People

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When we are buying any product..our priority is that it must be original.. there are so many products which are not original but available in market..we have to check it properly and decide to buy it...no one can pressurize us to buy it...the final decision is in our hand...if we select dummy product than we can't achieve what original product give and finally we realize that our selection is wrong..our eyes makes mistake to select it...Are we ever think about dummy people?? in the market of the life we interact with so many peoples but we never try to check them and easily put a faith on them...that is our weak point which can resist us at any stage of our life...there are so many persons which are always trying to show that they are special...in the blindness to show their personality...they forget their reality...they always being best by hiding their realities... if we directly put a faith on them we have to lose our game because of them..at that time we feel that fake person can destroy any one...So never put your faith with the connected people directly..if their is a dummy product we can replace it but if a dummy person is there...his gape never be replaced by any other one and that gape gives you a pain and sore in each and every moments...it never let you free from it and spoil your life..if you want that you never face problems than always live with the original people..it doesn't matter that how he is...his originality is more important... the person who live with us may be anyone but it is important that he show that i am this and i can do this..a person can be said faithful if he never try to attract us..he only try to achieve its reality and try to be loyal...at the small interval of our life most of us faces problems due to any other one...it only happens if we make a mistake to select a person..so try to find the reality in the person...don't put the faith on a person by focusing his looking...find the limit of a person...you have to know that my friend or closer person can do anything between these two points...its interval of performance is this...he never come out from this..it is good if he come outer from it but that information is available with us..if you see any unexpected change in your closer one try to leave it...fish and doves are live in lake...when it is drying in summer...doves understand this change and leave it but fish have faith in lake and live with it...finally doves lives and fish dies...you have to decide that what you be want...dove or fish???because a chance is given to us to the realization of reality...if we accept it and leave him...we can be win..otherwise we are losing something in our life and wasting our worthy time with a wrong person...

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