What is meaning of my life?

Sunday, January 05, 2014

"The time between life and death is a huge smile"-Vaju Kotak
   the simple meaning of our life is the time between life and death.. but can we say that we live our life clearly between that interval?? the answer is no..we are not living...we are just breathing..our life become so complicated that we forget the actual meaning of our life..we know how to get joy from our life but can't apply it..that is our restriction..we are covered with the dust of dreams and our present is destroyed...can we achieve a huge smile from our life??life means joy..the infinite joy which gives us the knowledge that the life is beautiful...life is a light,the light which gives wishes to live more..which gives wishes to enjoy more..but we closed our doors and not getting that light..we are here to give the satisfaction to our own..if we are enjoining the each and every moments..that is life..if our work gives pleasure to us..we are living our life..life is an art which helps us to get joy in any dreadful moment which makes us sad..life is a winning of happiness over the critical sites..life is a constant joy which gives us power to achieve more and more..everyone have a life but only few people lives it correctly...most of us are give a chance to any one for make us unhappy and we are going far from the life..we are unhappy because of the success of any other..but why we give a chance to them??we can treat our mind well..we can fill the colours of joy and success in our life..we can live and make it better.. Are you able for that??

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