Life in kites..

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We are the floors which gives support to mind for flying the kite of expectations..Our mind is flying that kite for lifetime and we are only support it..we just see it as a rigid..we have many expectations in our life..they all are flying like a kite in the sky of our life..our mind flies it with the thread of faith..because we have a faith that i can achieve my expectation in reality...that faith gives power to our kite of expectation..many kites are flies on the sky of imagination..our kite is also in it...many minds are flying it with the power of faith...It is impossible that the faith of the people is same..their power is different... and so many kites are cuts and the expectations are destroyed... At that we who supporting the mind for the success feels sad..It makes me sad that if our mind cut the kite of any other one...with our threads of faith.. we cheering it..we have not a commonsense that the same can be happened with us..This is always many kite of expectations flies at a height of success and touch the sky of life..their faith in the work is best and that thread is connected with their mind and expectation.. this makes them successful... Here many kites are fall on the failure and destroyed.. their threads are weak...but as a nature of human if than they try to fly a kite with more powerful faith and touch the success...we are always in this festival..actually our mind flies the kite and we just support it as a rigid floor.. but when the day comes when we files the kite of expectations and our mind support us as a floor at that nothing can be impossible for us..never be a floor to support... just do and try to get the support...a time will come when the want to learn with want to walk on the path of you...your kite can't be cut by anyone because your faith is on the top level of world...never think about the result.. just do the work..and develop a faith in your work..when your faith is more no one can stop you for achieving the best result..your threads will become more powerful that no one touch it without help of you..that is the power of our soul..the infinite power of soul..but we don't use can be give the use of that power...the message of this festival is only that fly the kites of the expectations with the threads of faith..whose faith in his work is more can achieve the heights of successes and his kite will always fling...wishing you a happy and safe uttrayan...make a faith in your the best..

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