Happiness from sorrows..

Thursday, January 09, 2014

The common experience says that we are always in search of the light...each and every person is searching light and wants to shine himself...to be in a limelight gives pleasure to anyone..but we are not a source of that light..we want that the light of any other one shine us..we are not ready to spread the light and than also we wants light...we want to shine..we always do all to show that i am the great..but if you crushed and destroyed..you put yourself in a fire to give a light to world... your goal will be achieved without any show off..don't try to be the best...only put your best in your work..you will be the best..i think to achieve the best is very easy..but to maintain that stage for lifetime is to hard...to produce a sweet music.. many holes are created on a flute..but it never complaint..because it knows that to give pleasure anyone.. someone has to be pressed over sorrows...the roses are crushed its hearts..to give a smell of smile in our life...sun is burning to give a light...all those who are considered as best are facing many problems.. but they don't care because their aim is to see a smiling on a faces..it's a very easy for us to enjoy...but a thing which gives enjoyment to us is always losses something for our happiness..its good to enjoy our life..but sometime just try to give enjoyment and lights to any others.. you will understand that how happiness produced.. you will be sure that we can only get light but can't be light..the root of happiness is sorrows..don't always smile..sometime try to find the tears in that smiles..

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